Finally after 3 months of silence, SourceForge is enabling the project statistics again. It is hard to believe in your project when you can't see how many downloads you have had. I especially think that this lack of statistics hurts new projects as most users (like I) tend to look for activity in the project. The statistics are a great value for this.

Here's the quote from the SourceForge site, from the Strategic Projects page:

Statistics:For the past seven months, staff have been working to re-engineer the statistics infrastructure as to provide real-time statistics updates, better underlying scalability and reduce site performance impact. The initial code implementation work has been completed and code is undergoing internal review prior to launch. Various supporting work (such as documentation) is also occurring in preparation for launch. A message will be sent to project administators during the week of 2005-04-25 to describe the changes occurring to project rankings, and other details of the launch plan. Similar information will also be made available as news on the alexandria project after the mailing occurs. (Last updated: 2005-04-21 Pacific)