I just created yet another presentation for Wicket. It is a 5-10 minute introduction into Wicket. I don't know when I'll put this on the web, because it first needs to be presented to a larger audience at some conference later this summer.

It is hard to introduce something complex as Wicket in 5-10 minutes. I tried to focus on what Wicket is (an open source Java component based web application framework) and what the main features are.

Is this enough? It is not possible to get 'Wicket' across by showing code for 5 minutes. Most people won't be able to grasp more complex code than 'Hello World' in 5 minutes, and though interesting, it really doesn't communicate half of what Wicket is all about. Sure, we can brag about the lack of XML configuration files (which is shown by the Hello, World example), but Wicket is more than that. If you want to find out now, then check out the other examples, or why don't you give Wicket a try yourself?