Due to a recent announcement of the sourceforge.net team saying that all file based programs should use the database services:

Group Directories are Read-Only: The project web servers mount project group directories read-only. The following means are available for storing writable data (i.e. for project applications):

  • Place the data in the MySQL database provided to your project. Projects are encouraged to make use of our project database service for application data storage.
  • Place the data in the /tmp/persistent directory, accessible from and shared between the project shell and web servers. Projects should create their own subdirectory in /tmp/persistent and make frequent backups of the data. We strongly discourage the use of file-writing applications with our services, due to the security implications of our shared web environment. Users of applications in the project web services that require file-writing are strongly encouraged to look for alternatives that can use a MySQL database for data storage instead.

As such we are searching for a replacement of our Wicket Wiki. There are a few features we need:

  • MySQL backend
  • User authenticated editing
  • PHP/Ruby/Perl implemented

If anybody knows of an alternative WIki, please leave a message here, or mail the Wicket development mailinglist.