This years JavaOne conference in San Francisco, CA will host two (2!) opportunities to see Wicket in action:

  1. POJO Web Development With Wicket - hosted by Miko Matsumura and myself (Martijn Dashorst)
  2. Web Framework Smackdown - at least hosted by Ed Burns, Howard Lewis Ship and my esteemed coworker and Wicket veteran: Eelco Hillenius

I'd like to extend my gratitude to my (and Eelco's) employer: Topicus for sponsoring our trip to JavaOne. This is a rare opportunity I'd hate to miss!

Eelco and I will be in downtown San Francisco for the whole conference, padding a few days before and after, so if you'd like to share a beer and some thoughts, leave a note on either blog, the Wicket mailinglist, or on personal mail (can be found here).

See you at JavaOne!