Gwynn Evans has installed a new wiki for the Wicket project. SourceForge forced us to use a wiki with a mysql backend in order to be able to keep on writing stuff to the wiki (that is what it's for). Our selection process was not formal, but we looked at the long list of wiki's out there (if someone complains about the number of Java frameworks, point him to this list, by the time he's done reading it, his hair will have turned gray!).

Our final choice fell on MediaWiki, which is the driving force behind the ever powerful WikiPedia. Now the wiki is up and running, we need to make some time to skin it to look more like a Wicket Wiki instead of WikiPedia. However, I think this will be at the end of my long list of stuff to do. If someone wants to volunteer to skin the Wiki to be more like the Wicket website, then please send your skin to me, or create a SourceForge feature request and attach your theme.

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