Eelco reminded me to take a look at the guestbook example on the Wicket Library to see whether anybody was trying it out. Well, here's a list of comments posted there:

6/29/05 ok I think this should be a good framework
6/29/05 Det är tröttsamt att lära sig en ny programmeringsmodell. Vad får jag här som fattas i de som jag redan använder?
6/29/05 vERY NICE
6/28/05 good stuff
6/28/05 cool stuff
6/28/05 china duxu was here
6/28/05 Joey was here
6/28/05 I prefer wings
6/28/05 Laszlo is not bad too :)
6/28/05 Will I switch from Tapestry???? Who can say :)
6/28/05 it's not bad, I appreciate the swing-like model, but it's not as easy as it seems... =D
6/27/05 wicket looks really cool...
6/26/05 Any Easier?
6/25/05 I think I like it
6/24/05 Hi, someone reading this???.. :-OOO

This blog is the answer to the last question: Yes we read (sometimes) the guestbook.

I don't know what the Danish, Norwegian or Swedish comment means, I hope it is not some plug for a wicked site.