Wicket inspires a lot of people to write nice, clean web applications. Now the code_poet has written a nice poem about Wicket and AJAX. It has good metrum and it shows that even though AJAX support is still crude, Wicket and AJAX rhyme!

Ryan Sonnek has published a Auto Complete TextField component for Wicket using AJAX. Although the component code is a bit complex, the usage of the component has the Wicket feel all over it.

How would you like to use a full fledged AJAX component with no more code than:

And Java:

AutocompleteResultGenerator searcher = 
    new AutocompleteResultGenerator() {
        public String[] getResults(String input) {
            return new String[] {"Bob", "Jamie", "Eric"};
form.add(new AutoCompleteTextField("email", searcher));

That would be awesome, wouldn't it? With Wicket this is possible.