The Wicket team is proud to announce the availability of Wicket 1.1 for download! Wicket is a Java component oriented web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of use to a whole new level. Wicket web applications consist of HTML markup and Java classes. No strange languages, no strange markup, no configuration files, no specialized, expensive tools: just Java, HTML and you.

This Wicket version contains a lot of improvements from the 1.0 version. New features include:

  • Simplified feedback and validation - enables custom feedback strategies
  • Live Component Reference - the examples project contains a component reference showing how to use the components.
  • JavaScript and CSS support for components - contribute JavaScript and CSS from your component to the using page
  • Markup Inheritance - enables template pages and components
  • Inclusion of external markup
  • Simplified Choice component
  • Advanced Table components - easily generate pageable/sortable tables backed by database or any other datasource in wicket-extensions (graduated components from wicket-contrib-dataview)
  • Less dependencies - we removed several library dependencies
  • Customizable Form handling - easy for quick forms, easily enables full custom form processing
  • Improved resource handling
  • Date picker component - will not get you dates, but a JavaScript and text field enabled localized calendar component.
  • Improved URL handling
  • AJAX request handling support - support for two leading AJAX JavaScript libraries is available as separate downloads from our Wicket Stuff project: scriptaculous and DOJO toolkit

The Wicket team wishes to extend their gratitude to the user and developer community for their testing efforts and help, making this release a reality!

The Wicket 1.1 distribution can be downloaded from the SourceForge servers by following this link.

The Wicket 1.1 release documentation can be found at: