The first major Wicket Dojo components have been released in Wicket Contrib Dojo 0.3! The two students working at my employer, Topicus as interns have released their first components combining Wicket and Dojo Toolkit.

They have included several tutorials, giving you a heads start when using these components. They write:

Hi all,

We're proud to anounce our first real contrib-dojo release :)
This release contains:

  • Dojo FX Decorators
  • Dojo FX Tooltip
  • FX ajax Validation
  • FXFeedbackIndicator
  • xdocs updated with new site
  • Example applications

You can check our release at

Have fun with the release, and if you have any comments, please feel
free to post them on the mailinglist :)


Ruud and Marco

This marks their first Ajax/Dojo/Wicket release, so congrats guys!