For those that like to read Java content in their native tongue, the JavaNews magazine has been translated into dutch and french. If you wish, you can also download the english version. To quote from the dutch frontpage:

"Martijn Dashorst bekijkt het leven door een roze bril dankzij Wicket"

Which translates roughly into english as:

"Martijn Dashorst looks at life through pink glasses thanks to Wicket"

This is a (bad) english translation from a dutch proverb. Strange language, that dutch... I guess the translator got enthousiastic about my 3D-glasses I wear on the picture.

The picture with the 3D glasses comes from a vacation Diana (my girlfriend) and I spent in Florida. We were at the Kennedy Space Center, and were just about to see a 3D spaceshuttle movie. Here's the whole picture: