Dear Wicket community,

After a couple of months without any significant problem the Wicket team has made available the first maintenance release of Wicket 1.1. This release features a backport of a Wicket 1.2 feature: the tag, which enables you to create internationalized pages without having to resort to adding Label components with StringResourceModel for internationalizing the texts on a page. See the WicketMessageResolver JavaDoc for more information.

Further enhancements include:

  • Added check and better exception when servlet's init param is missing
  • Added label tags for generated input tags in CheckBoxMultipleChoice and RadioChoice
  • Fixed autolink NPE problem
  • Fixed bug in button that caused the value attirbute to disappear after form submit </ul>

    Together with this release, the Wicket extensions, examples and quickstart projects receive a maintance release and are also released as 1.1.1.

    This release is available through the download pages on SourceForge.

    Enjoy this release!