I just created a Frappr group for the Wicket project. Feel free to add yourself to the group if you feel connected to the Wicket community.

The best thing I like about a Frappr map is to see how diverse the community is of Wicket. I know that we have quite a following in the far east, and it would be nice to see the dots on the world map and discover the global diversity of our community.

Currently there is only one member (myself), but I hope to see the group growing quickly! Join me, it is lonely out there!

var frappr_mapheight = 300;
var frappr_mapwidth = 500;
var frappr_maplat = 52.2501255;
var frappr_maplon = 6.2266935;
var frappr_mapzoom = 15;
var frappr_host = "http://www.frappr.com/";var gid = 594439;