My powermac with ATI 9650 video card has a strange problem. If you look at this blog style, you should see a grayish background on top of a white background.

When I look at my blog I see just a white background. The light grayish background has disappeared in white.

I tried looking with other browsers (Camino, Firefox and Safari) but they give the same results: white background. I tried calibrating my display card, but that also gave the same results. My 23" cinema display and my 17" Ilyama display both give the same result: white background.

I also captured a screenshot from my laptop computer that doesn't show this problem and looked at it on my mac: white background. So it isn't some HTML rendering problem.

So I guess it is a problem with my 9650 card that I find hard to solve. Has anyone had this experience also?


I just disconnected my secondary monitor and now I have the gray background back! It seems that this is a power problem of the card.

And now that I have switched the connectors, I can use both displays at once without having gray problems. This really was bugging me for a while, so I'm glad I figured this one out. Lesson learned, back to work.