"It kind of makes me feel as if I'm working with the Esperanto of the web framework world." - Geertjan Wielenga</p>

On Geertjan's blog, Geertjan shows his affection for the Wicket web framework as he is writing tutorials for Netbeans modules, and creates excellent IDE support as an afterthought. IDE support is critical for many developers, and with Eclipse (Wicket Bench) and Netbeans support for Wicket the future is bright!

In other news, I just released the second beta for Wicket 1.2. The release is available for immediate download and coming to a SourceForge mirror near you in a couple of hours.

Help us finalize Wicket 1.2 by downloading this release and test it. And while you are browsing the SourceForge servers, why don't you vote for Wicket along the way?