Why is the current state of subversion integration into Eclipse so lousy? Subversion is a viable platform for quite some time now (I know I have been contemplating moving to SVN 2 years ago).

Subclipse checkout of our Wicket project doesn't show up in the package explorer, I had exception reports in Eclipse, a checkout that didn't do jack. Now I try to check out the wicket project, but still I get strange hangs in Eclipse. For some reason Subclipse thinks that my wicket project is still in my workspace, and wants to delete the directory. I let it do that, and then it starts deleting each file where it takes 15 seconds for it to discover that the file isn't there. This is killing me!

The fairly new Subversive plugin also does a bad job of working as a stable plugin. Granted they are in development mode, but why can't I compare my current version of a file with a previous revision, WITHOUT eclipse hanging itself up the trees? Why do I have to choose the revision in a MODAL dialog, instead of the CVS view?

Also, subversion really is DOG SLOW when browsing the repository on sourceforge.

I'm shocked that Eclipse, the most used and popular IDE doesn't integrate with Subversion the way it does with CVS. It is appalling.