I just posted my first JavaLobby article regarding Wicket. In this article I try to give you a heads up on markup inheritance.

It's not a publish once effort: it will be integrated in our own website when our next release is up. That is the advantage when you write your own articles: you can publish it anywhere you want, any number of times.

On the documentation front we are making some progress, as we will be moving our website's content into a real CMS. We have chosen drupal as it seems to be one of the best CMS's out there, with great community and we have some knowledge about it as well. And it's good enough for Spring, so it wouldn't hurt us either.

I know that we should have implemented our own CMS using Wicket, but that is a lot of work, better spent at improving Wicket for you. And of course, one of our own community members is already working on it.