After the usual struggles with Maven 2, I was able to build another release candidate of Wicket 1.2. This release contains all major packages of the wicket project, including wicket, extensions, quickstart, spring, spring annot and auth roles.

You can download the release from the sourceforge servers.

As an experiment I also created our own Maven 2 repository on the sourceforge servers. You can find it at: As a statistics maniac I would appreciate downloads to go through the download service, but being a Maven fan, I understand the need for a Maven repository containing the latest releases.

  • Deadlock fixed when trying to render a page that was expired the second time.
  • body tag onLoads contributed by Panel are now removed when the the Panel gets removed
  • Ajax ClassCast exception at AjaxFormSubmitBehavior
  • Made Tree better extensible. Added two more examples of customized tree to wicket examples, and display them in a table for better utilization of space
  • and of course the numerous contributed translations of Many thanks to everyone that contributed!

If anyone has a good idea to automatically upload the sources and javadoc jars to a remote repository using maven I'm all ears. Apparently they have some setting ${pom.additionalArtifacts}, but no way of setting that.