Yahoo has released a new version of their UI library. The Yahoo user interface library is a collection of very sofisticated and thought through JavaScript widgets.

The library consists of many things, a short list:

  • Autocomplete
  • Calendar
  • Container (Dialog, SimpleDialog, Overlay, Tooltip, etc)
  • Menu
  • Slider
  • Treeview

And now they also have a library of CSS tools, with some basic, but very bright ideas. I especially like the idea of CSS Reset, which resets all markup formatting to plain rendering for all browsers, so that you can build your own flexible, cross browser stylesheet.

There is some work under way to make all this goodness available for Wicket users in this Wicket YUI project.

If my hands weren't tied to a strict deadline at work, writing a book on Wicket and preparing for TSSJS Europe, I would have dugg into the Yahoo library and helped out with the widget project...

Ah... the choices we make...