My first open source project I got involved in hasn't got the attention it deserved. As such it was pretty much a dead project. Personally I had much more fun and invested more time in Wicket, but a month ago I made a great decision for jWebUnit.

After almost 2 years of inactivity, Julien Henry, a french student working on his last intern project for Cap Gemini, is working very hard to give jWebUnit a fresh release.

Julien presented himself to our very small developer community:

My name's Julien, and I'm a french student. I'm currently doing my final
internship in Capgemini. I work on functional testing of web
application, and it led me to try Mercury Quicktest, JStudio, Webtest,
HttpUnit, HtmlUnit, jWebUnit and finally Selenium (now Selenium RC). I
also work on the migration of our applications under Maven 2.
I hope I could help jWebUnit to raise, as I think it's one of the best
solution I tested.

If the folks at Cap Gemini require some input on giving Julien a grade, I'll gladly give him the credentials he deserves. jWebUnit looks better than before and I'm still seeing much progress.

jWebUnit now has several testrunners for different test frameworks:

  • httpunit (old style)
  • htmlunit (new!)
  • jacobie (use internet explorer)
  • selenium (new!)

I most certainly hope Julien will give jWebUnit better Javascript support, and that we'll be seeing support for testing Ajax in the near future!

Go Julien!