I have released our (hopefully) final release candidate for Wicket web framework. You'll be able to download it when sourceforge has distributed the packages to the mirrors. Apparently they fixed the CVS service but now the main download site is down. Perhaps it is just a fluke and it will be up and running soon. In the mean time, you can upgrade your packages using our Maven 2 repository.

In related news, I am unable to connect to the http://repo1.maven.org primary repository server of Maven. This is a nuisance as I was busy upgrading my mavenized projects to use rc4, and am unable to download the sources.

Here's the 'official' press release (it will take some time before I upload it to our main website):

Wicket 1.2-rc4 available

project has released the fourth release candidate of the
1.2 effort. We expect this to be the final candidate and
if no serious bugs are found we will release 1.2 final
later this week.

This is our fourth release candidate of the Wicket 1.2
version. Major features of Wicket 1.2 include: