Whilst building our final release, I wanted to upgrade the maven assembly plugin because currently it always appends -bin to the distribution. As our packages always include both source and binary in the same zip file, the -bin is not correct. The 2.1 version of this plugin fixes this with a setting.

The biggest challenge is finding out how to update your maven plugins, without having to specify the version in your pom. As you may notice, I have scourged the maven documentation site and wasn't able to find it within 5 minutes. So to save you the trouble of having to go through this yourself, here's how you update your plugins to use the newest released versions:

mvn -U somegoal

Where you substitute the 'somegoal' string with a goal of your liking. The documentation doesn't state wether the goal you supply has any relationship to the plugins that get updated. I have my new version of the assembly plugin, so I'm a happy camper again. On with releasing 1.2 final!

UPDATE OK, I've celebrated too early. The update also 'fixed' bugs in other plugins, and now my carefully constructed velocity template for our website doesn't work anymore. AARGH.

And WORST OF ALL somehow now my Wicket homepage is called 'Maven - Home'. WTF?

Apparently, the 'name' attribute of the 'project' tag in the site-descriptor is now actually used, where it previously wasn't.