Igor Vaynberg, (not his 2.0 reincarnation) has asked for help in Wicket's quest for a decent Javascript date picker that works with i18n and SimpleDateFormat patterns. He writes:

as you guys know weve been having a lot of trouble with the datepicker in extensions. a lot of it is from the issues of i18n and formatting in general.

i started working on a replacement keeping those two items on the top of the list. the idea is to be able to define locale strings as well as a format expression that will be used for formatting and parsing and are identical to the ones used by SimpleDateFormat in java.

when all is said and done it might look something like this:

new DatePickerField(id, model, "EEEE, MMMM d yyyy")

and have localized properties like

wicket.datepicker.months=January ,February... 

so the transition between java and javascript will be seamless

i also want to be able to decorate any day square via ajax or another mechanism


So if you are interested in building a killer Javascript calendar that works with existing Java idioms, give us a call.