It has been a while since I blogged about anything Wicket related. This was mainly because of two projects that took away all my time.

The first project is a 12 person, Wicket based, student administration system for high schools (you know, those pescy adolescents between ages 12 and 18), developed at Topicus Onderwijs. The project has gone live a couple of weeks ago and did so without a hitch. At first we started with about 90 concurrent sessions, and we will gradually see this rise to about 400 concurrent sessions until the end of the year. Unfortunately I can't show you anything from inside the application (student information is protected by law), but we're working on our external site.

The other project that takes the rest of my time is writing Wicket in Action together with Eelco Hillenius and Janne Hietamaki. Today I finished a chapter that was long overdue and is something most of you are looking forward to read about: Models. I tried to keep the 'Super Models need to be thin' type of puns to a minimum. I think the chapter is in great shape and I hope our editor agrees. The coming weeks I'll be writing my other assigned chapters.

With all this hard work one would almost forget about our incubation at Apache. With SourceForge blocking all mail to the mailinglists originating from gmail accounts, it is fortunate that we now have our first mailinglist available at Apache. Subscribing this new list to Nabble is already undertaken.

Thanks Upayavira for making the mailinglist happen!