From the mailinglist:

New version of the Wicket Assistant plugin for Intellij Idea. Download
it from the plugin manager within Idea. Works in version 5.X and 6.X.

Features implemented:

  • On-the-fly Inspection checking that the wicket ids exists in the corresponding java/html file
  • Switch between the java and html file (default key: shift+alt+W


  • Maybe use a compiled version of the ie webpage to check the hierarichy
  • create missing html file intention
  • create missing ids in the html file. How and where ?
  • create live template for easy creation of ie labels etc
  • create file templates for html files, java webpages, java panels etc.
  • rename/move rafactoring on the java/html/property file renames/moves the others
  • rename refactoring of the wicket id in both the html and java file
  • Code completion on a wicket id in both java and html file
  • Possibility to open the "other" file when ie the java file is opened

Changes from 0.1.2

Added action to toggle between the html and the java file. The deault keymapping is: shift+alt+W

Known bugs;

All checks on the wicket ids are not yet 100% correct. Working on it.

Now if I only could use IDEA (somehow we didn't get our license renewed). Problem with IDE's is that you need to work with them full time, otherwise they get in the way. I'd love to give IDEA a go, but I can't use an open source license for work. I'm happy with Eclipse, but I would like to confirm the productivity improvements people claim to have when they made the switch.