Santa has been generous this year, apparently Wicket has been a good girl the last 12 months.

First Timothy O'Brien wrote an opinion piece where he confessed that:

These days, I?m using? [...] and Wicket for the serious AJAXy web interfaces.

I left out the obligatory RoR/Spring part (you can read about them in the whole article yourself). But (for me) the most interesting part of Tim's article is in the last part of his blog:

Both Rails and Wicket lend themselves to AJAX, and I?ve found that it is easier to create mega-AJAX complexity in Wicket than it is in Rails - even with RJS.

Even though I haven't used RoR in anger myself, I think that the template approach that both RoR and JSP follow don't allow the complexities Wicket enables with the same ease. I'll have to write an article on this subject matter to back up my claims though (and will do just that when my new wordpress enabled domain is up and running).

And the second reason I think Wicket is has been a good girl is the fact that Santa left a present under the tree. Go, download and unpack your own Wicket wrapped present (packaged in a ZIP or tarball for your convenience).

Best wishes for 2007!