With a flick of a switch I moved my blog from jroller to my own hosted wordpress powered blog. The movers did a great job at packing all my stuff here into nice boxes, and moving it to my new place, including the comments. Even though the moving service was very professional some china may have been broken.

Now why bother moving, and shelling out money for a service that is available for free? Several things triggered me to do the switch:

  • speed: jroller has its bad days when it comes to speed. It hosts several hundreds of blogs and needs to serve them all.
  • editor compatibility: several blog editors exist, but most of them don't support the roller api. I'm typing this message using Flock, the social browser. Probably it is possible to direct Flock to be able to post to jroller, but I didn't want to work with a half baked solution.
  • own domain: I like being master of my own little universe, probably a left over from watching He-Man too much during childhood).
  • wordpress: I think it is the best blogging tool around at this moment. Some of the templates are beautiful (vertigo squared, jillij) and more are available. On top of that the spam prevention for comments (akistmet) is great.
  • statistics: being master of my own domain I get statistics for free with my subscription. Who, where from, when, etc.
  • greener grass: when I read the blog of Nathan, I immediately thought: that is what I want: more control, more freedom

So here we are: on martijndashorst.com. I'm still contemplating splitting the Wicket part from my own private life ramblings. However, if I promise to keep the main writing about Wicket with a peek now and then into my personal stuff would you mind?

Soon to be launched: A Wicket Diary at http://wicketdiary.org