Filippo Diotalevi (known from the Milan JUG) has released the first version of the Wicket JEE integration project. This project integrates Jave EE 5 with Wicket in a similar fashion the Wicket Spring integration works. By specifying three annotations:

  • @EJB - to inject EJB service objects into your pages
  • @PersistenceUnit - to inject EntityManagerFactory into your pages
  • @Resource - for injecting resource references

you can access your JEE resources and beans from in your pages. This release is built on top of Wicket 1.2.4, so you can start using it now in your production web applications. For more documentation, read further on the Wicket Stuff Wiki.

Download wicket-contrib-jee-1.0 from Wicket Stuff's download area at SourceForge.