We are still working hard to get a beta release of (Apache) Wicket 1.3 out the door in the next weeks. We have to receive some license grants of a couple (2 iirc) persons before we can ship the release.

In the mean time we have our own server (kindly provided by Servoy) provide us with a confluence and JIRA setup for Wicket Stuff, and best of all: Bamboo for building and pushing new development builds to the box. The installation of Bamboo on the server and hooking it up provided a push for fixing our builds. Johan, Igor and Frank have worked hard to get the build to complete.

This means that we finally have running 1.3 examples. If you want to see the latest and greatest in action, you can look here:

As you can see, Wicket 1.3 is maturing and getting stable. We will be able to ship it soon and let you enjoy the new features, and visit our new, temporary, home at Apache.

As a member of the Wicket team, I would like to express our gratitude towards Atlassian for providing their software gratis to the Wicket community.