Yes! The Oscars are on its way, and Java developers can do their own voting for things important in your day to day job instead of some fantasy woman (such as Penélope Cruz). You can express your support for your favorite Java open source project at the following locations (and I know yours is Ruby on Rails Wicket)

Do I miss the JavaLobby and yearly polls? Of course, has about a two-weekly polls where JSF gets trashed as being to complicated, Tapestry for being built up from start with every major release, Wicket for being to server memory hungry, Struts for being too old skool (or dead), RIFE for having ugly templates and so on. Perhaps they should create an award for the most uninteresting, uncriticized open source enterprise project.

What about the new comer: infoq, do they start a annual award soon? Or Hani Suleiman with an annual crap award (sort of the Razzies for Java software)?

I want to see some awards!