Eelco writes on the mailinglist after some (luke warm) discussion on how to test the new custom serialization Johan is building into the next Wicket versions. This is what he wrote:

Hi all,

We're (Johan mostly) are experimenting with custom serialization to
see whether we could speed things up a bit (which doesn't mean what we
have now is bad btw).

For anyone working on 1.3: we could use your help testing that
feature. The only thing you need to do is turn it on on your
development machine, by doing this in e.g. your application's class
init method:


And then just report any issues you encounter to this list or the
developers list. Of course, if you have tweaks, test reports etc,
that'd be even cooler.

The default can be set like this:

Objects.setObjectStreamFactory(new IObjectStreamFactory.DefaultObjectStreamFactory());

which is based on JDK's serialization. If you don't configure
otherwise, that is what is used.



So please help us out here and use the new WicketObjectStreamFactory in your development efforts and create bug reports if/when you find anything wrong.

The promise of this custom serialization is that it will improve the throughput and memory footprint of your Wicket application considerably. So help yourself, your employer and the Wicket community by testing the new serialization.