Is the MySpace clone going with the Wicket framework? I know the original founders of Newroo were Wicket users and their business proposal was built using Wicket 1.1. Given that they allegedly sold the company for $7 million to News Corp, that would be the most expensive Wicket application I know.

As MySpace is the worlds biggest website (according to TechCrunch), this would be a nice boost to Wicket's fame. If only because their first prototype in Wicket gave them enough credibilty to get noticed and acquired.

BTW, they are hiring and want some Wicket talent:

Software Engineer

Fox Interative Media -- FIM Labs/Newroo Project

Fox Interactive Media (FIM), a start-up division of NewsCorporation, is seeking a Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineerto work on a series of dynamic and innovative projects.

FIM Labs designs and develops new products for the FIM Network ofwebsites (MySpace, IGN, Scout, etc). The Newroo group’s main focus ison social interaction and communication around user's personalinterests relating to news. The group is fast moving and highly focused.

Required Skills:
- Java developer experienced with large-scale web development
- Able to pick up new technologies and frameworks quickly
- Experience with POJO frameworks, in particular Hibernate and Spring
- Familiar with social software, blogs and similar technologies
- Works well independently and with a small, intense group
- Internally motivated to help create products with maximum impact

Skills that would be desirable, but not required:
- Familiarity with Wicket web framework
- Experience with web crawler systems
- Math/statistics background
- Knowledge of text processing and parsing
- Familiar with Lucene