The Wicket project is undergoing incubation at Apache and we have entered the next stage. The last couple of agonizing weeks we have tried to mold our project and maven build to behave to our expectations.

The title 'incubator' is very fitting as I think the hours of missed sleep while nursing our project and taking care of our build seem similar to a new born child (don't have one yet, but I notice the dark edges around the eyes of new fathers often enough).

We managed to get our release wrapped and vetted by our community. Just a hour ago I submitted our incubator release to the Incubator PMC and try to get it approved. Note that this release is not for the general public, and I won't provide a link to it (the code base itself is already 2 weeks old, so you'd better build from our development stream anyway).

When this release gets approved by the IPMC, we will have solved our legal issues, and we can then ask for graduation, provided we match the other exit criteria.