I promised on the Wicket user list that I would devise a roadmap with some dates on when to expect releases. So here is a preliminary roadmap:

Wicket 1.3 roadmap

Some dates are not fixed, as there is an approval process to go through before we can ship it: the Apache releases tend to cause a bit more ceremony. When we have graduated you'll see that these release procedures will become more efficient: there is no extra barrier to pass once we are a top level project. We have started the processes to release both Apache Wicket 1.3.0-incubating-beta and Wicket 1.2.6. The latter will be available this weekend, the former will be submitted to the Apache Incubator PMC for approval. We expect this release to become available around the end of the week after going back and forward a couple of times.

Note the release of wicket-x.y: we don't know (yet) how to call the version after 1.3. The vote on the development list seems to favor Apache Wicket 2.0. This is a busy weekend for me: building 2 releases. Sounds like a great way to discover if we have improved on the release procedure in the last month.