Xavier Hanin (of Ivy fame) has created a tabbed client side JQuery/Wicket panel for use in his open source continuous integration project xooctory. I still haven't seen the tabs in action, so I can't comment on their greatness yet.

What struck me most is the ease with which Xavier was able to construct the tabs, which is a feat in its own for both JQuery and Wicket.

Wicket makes very easy to develop such components, and that's one of the thing I like the most about wicket. [...] My wicket implementation is about 140 lines of Java (well, 50 lines of Java and the rest of comments and imports) and 40 lines of html (most of which is used for testing only). That's all, and you don't need to be an expert in wicket to write such a component.

Of course I also looked around on xoocode for more of Xavier's projects and he seems to like Wicket a lot, so we now have 3 issue trackers (that I know of) written using Wicket (are issue trackers the new blog-in-5-minutes applications?):

  • jtrac (Peter Thomas' trac Nasa inspired tracker)
  • bugeater (Philip Chapman/Andrew Lombardi/Ryan Gravener's issue tracker)
  • xoosent (Xavier's issue tracker)

And other developer tools built using Wicket are xooctory (a continuous integration server), artifactory (a maven proxy). Wicket inspired is the already famous build tool called Gosling, which has performed a reboot, but seems to get into shape pretty fast.