I've been awfully quiet with writing about Eelco's and mine endeavor to deliver our first (and probably last) book: Wicket in Action. As Eelco mentioned last week, we are getting the manuscript ready for MEAPing. This also means picking a cover for our book, and I think we made the right choice. If you ever get touch of us, and are curious why we picked that specific cover, just buy yourself and us a beer (Eelco likes whiskey), and don't hesitate to ask :) I can tell you that our cover is smokin'!

As for the writing, it currently has gained speed again. The chapters are being revised to cover the reversal of the constructor change (and you thought you were the only one being bitten by that!), and keeping up with renaming efforts of other team members. We expect to have chapters 1 through 4 available in a couple of weeks, which is dependent on us giving the chapters a final last make over and handing them over to the production team.

When that happens, we will ping you here, there, everywhere!