We have Graduation! The Wicket project is established as the Apache Wicket project within the Apache Software Foundation.

From Greg Stein:

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	Subject: Apache Board Meeting, June 20, 2007 (new officers!)
	Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 12:45:06 -0700
	From: Greg Stein
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	Hi all,

	Today, the newly-elected Board met for the first time. After we got
	done with our regular series of project reviews and other reports, we
	elected a new slate of executive officers. I'm happy to present that

	 Jim Jagielski, Chairman
	 Justin Erenkrantz, President
	 J Aaron Farr, Treasurer
	 Sam Ruby, Exec VP and Secretary

	Welcome guys to your new offices!

	We also established new three projects:

	* Apache Quetzalcoatl: this springs mod_python and related bits out of
	the HTTPD project into its own TLP. Gregory Trubetskoy is its Chair.

	* Apache Wicket: this is a light webapp framework for Java, graduating
	from the Incubator into its own TLP. Martijn Dashorst is the new

	* Apache Commons: this is the venerable Apache Jakarta Commons, now
	spun out into its own TLP, with Torsten Curdt as its Chair.

	Finally, we swapped a couple PMC Chairs:

	* Will Glass-Hussin replaces Henning Schmiedehausen as the Velocity Chair
	* David Sean Taylor replaces Santiago Gala as the Portals Chair

	That's it for this month. Please feel free to forward this to any
	public/private forum as you see fit. If you have any questions, then
	please don't hesitate to ask myself or any other Director or officer.


From this rather obscure blog, I would like to congratulate all Wicket community members with this remarkable feat! Furthermore, I like to thank the Board of the Apache Software Foundation for the trust they invested in us. We will not disappoint!

I personally would like to thank Wicket's mentors:

  • Alex Karasulu (whose birthday coincidentally is today... what a better gift could you receive). Thanks for bringing us on board!
  • Upayavira, who made the transition even run smoother than thought possible. Thanks for guiding us and I hope you'll stay for a long time with our project!
  • Bertrand Delacretaz, thank you for your help, votes and advise. We will miss your involvement, but will certainly see you in the future!
  • Sylvain Wallez, also big thanks for helping and guiding us. I hope Wicket is still working within Joost

Finally, congratulations to the new officers, PMC Chairs and the other two new projects: Apache Quetzalcoatl and Apache Commons! Welcome to the club!