Sources have indicated that the first two chapters of Wicket in Action will be made available this week, with Chapter 1 launching today! Chapter 1 is a free download, so there is really nothing holding you back to see what this book is all about!

Wicket in Action

The table of contents (may be subject to change, so don't shoot us if something is different in the final book) is as follows:

  1. What is Wicket? (MEAP, FREE)
  2. The architecture of Wicket
  3. Setting up a Wicket project (MEAP)
  4. Building a cheesy Wicket application
  5. Understanding models
  6. Using basic components
  7. Using forms for data entry
  8. Composing your pages
  9. Creating custom components
  10. Creating rich components
  11. Authorization and authentication
  12. Working with resources
  13. Localization and internationalization
  14. Database driven applications
  15. Putting your Wicket application in production
  16. Component index

So get your wallets ready, live the rest of the month on bread and water and order Wicket in Action now!