The weekend is saved! You can download and read two (2) new chapters of Wicket in Action, provided that you have bought the MEAP edition of the upcoming book. Subscribers to this edition can now download the newest additions: chapters 2 and 4.

Chapter 2 introduces the concepts of Wicket and gives a really nice overview of what you can expect when building applications with Wicket. To drive things home, chapter 4 builds an online Cheese store, covering quite a lot of subjects. The topics covered in these two chapters should give novice Wicket users a solid foundation for the remainder of the book, but provide enough small little gems for more experienced Wicket developers, if only a fresh look at how you did things up till now.

Logo of our online cheese shop

Go get it now, before they run out of stock of these chapters! I heard there was only a limited supply of chapter 4, as it uses about 36 pages.

If you are interested in a sampler of what we write, you can always download the freely available Chapter 1.