The last three years the organizers of JavaZone and the Wicket team have tried to get a Wicket presentation at the JavaZone conference in Oslo. Each time we were unsuccessful in coming there. Fortunately Xavier Hanin was willing to present, and the JavaZone committee willing to accept him as the Wicket advocate.

Xavier writes to the user list:

I've just finished my presentation on Wicket at JavaZone! [...] From my point of view the presentation went pretty well, the room was almost
packed, if only I had a better spoken english level maybe I would have wake
up a few tired attendees in the back :-)

I am sure your english didn't have any influence on the sleepiness of the attendees, usually attending a conference is packed with going out and visiting bars, though given the prices in Norway that may be less so with JavaZone.

In any case, I wish to thank Xavier for taking on the responsibility of promoting Wicket at one of the leading Java conferences. Thank you!