Both Eelco and I are working our asses off to get Wicket in Action done.

Last friday I received feedback on chapter 5. I incorporated the proposed changes and made several adjustments to make the chapter less micromanaged (there was some explaining regarding static versus dynamic models that was really low level). I also moved some small sections around to improve the flow. Nothing too serious, but a setback of a couple of hours for sure.

I also delivered the first draft of chapter 6: the basic building blocks. According to my co-author the chapter "will be a gold mine for n00bs". I certainly hope there is something for everybody in this chapter, but I agree that it is catered to the less experienced Wicket programmer and making them productive.

The chapter discusses displaying text using labels, links, mounting, URL coding strategies, repeaters (list view and repeating view) and the various actions you can do with components (hiding, removing markup etc).

Eelco just delivered a new revision of chapter 1, and drafts of chapters 12 chapter 10. There will be some shoveling around of the chapter numbers of our third part so currently I am not 100% sure which chapters Eelco actually delivered :)