A couple of months ago we stripped the portlet support from Wicket because there was no apparent need, and active expertise for it on our team. If you don't eat the food yourself it is hard to support it, especially something big as portlets.

But since ApacheCon Europe, our trusted member Ate has stepped up and came up with a great plan for reintroducing portlet support in Wicket, and even make it much better than ever before!

Using Ate's work you can now use Wicket pages directly as portlets in a portal container. Nothing special needs to be done! Kudos to Ate and Hippo for providing the support for portlets!

The support is now available in trunk, and will be part of 1.3's beta 4 release, which should be imminent (this weekend?).

Update: See issues WICKET-647 and WICKET-658 for some preliminary documentation on how to create them portal compatible pages.