Fred Daoud has written a different take on the Language Wars trolls. This time it is about the endless war and trolling between the various web frameworks that occur on the various community websites and even between blogs.

Priceless comments:

JSF (hanging his head): <f:verbatim>Sorry..</f:verbatim>

Wicket: Hey JSF, race you to write a custom component! GO!

Facelets: hold on now.. (dials cell phone).. let me call Seam and see what we can do.. find a vendor..

Wicket: FINISHED! I win!

And I also broke out in laughter reading further:

RIFE: (starts to say something)

(somebody interrupts)

Moderator: quiet, RIFE was talking, let him finish!

RIFE: No problem, I can easily continue what I was saying.. (finishes what he was saying, using a different template syntax, er, a different accent..)

(this is of course a priceless reference to RIFE's continuations support).

To fully appreciate the discussion, read the whole framework discussion here. It'll put a smile on your face!