Both Eelco and I are working hard to get the book out. Trust me when I say that the people most anxiously awaiting the final chapter are Eelco and myself. The book has been a millstone around our necks for a while now and you can't imagine the personal toll we both have paid whilst writing this book.

The book itself is progressing good. Our editor will post a new version of the MEAP the coming week with updates to chapters 1 through 4 and a brand spanking new chapter added to the mix: chapter 6. Eelco just released a new version of chapter 12 and is waiting for comments.

I'm in the process of chopping chapter 7 (Forms) from 38 pages to a more manageable 28 or so.

Like I said in a previous post: "Goed schrijven is schrappen" (To write well is to scrap)