As you know, both Eelco and I are really trying hard to get the book done. I know a lot of you already have ordered the MEAP version (early access) and we are really grateful that you have shown such an interest in our book. We are also surprised with the positive comments and feedback we received so far: they are really encouraging us to keep going.

Just as much as we like to hear that you like our book, we also appreciate feedback on parts that can be better, are unclear or just not interesting. We also appreciate the bugs, language errors or other mistakes you have uncovered in our manuscript. Any feedback sent now can still be taken into account before we go chop trees.

When you find something that can be improved, let us know! The best way to provide feedback is to post a message to Manning's Author Online forum. Both Eelco and I are subscribed to the forum. However, if you feel you want to provide more personal feedback, don't hesitate to email us privately.

So please take some time to think about what you like most, don't like and what part of the book doesn't 'stick', and post a message to the Wicket in Action forum. It will help us write the book you always wanted but were afraid to ask.

Thanks again for your support and help!