It is meetup time again! Our previous Amsterdam Meetup was a big success
and we want to continue that tradition. Over 80 Wicket developers
attended the previous meetup and we had a blast. If you have missed
the previous meetup from Nov 30th, 2007 you can see the pictures, or enjoy the presentations.

Join us at the Wicket meetup in Amsterdam prior to ApacheCon EU 2008.
Impress your boss with a deeper understanding of Wicket, or the new
treasure chest of components that have been unveiled at the meetup.
Meet other Wicket developers and share your hopes, victories and
frustrations. Expand your network of Wicket developers!

A final date has not been set yet, and we ask everyone to fill in
their preference. The possible dates for our meetup are:

  • Friday April 4th,
  • Monday April 7th, and
  • Tuesday April 8th.

Sign up for the meetup here and show us your preference.

I hope to see you in Amsterdam!