We are announcing a special Wicket community event: on Tuesday April
8th 2008 the next Apache Wicket Community Meetup will be held in
Amsterdam just prior to ApacheCon.

This Meetup will be a low-barrier community driven event and free to
attend, thanks to the generous sponsoring by Hippo and Topicus. With
the Apache Wicket Community Meetup we like to bring together not only
project committers from Apache Wicket but also our community users and
other interested parties.

You are hereby invited to attend and to propose a relevant subject
you'd like to hear more about or even present yourself.

We've already talked to several people who definitely would like to
come, so now is the time to sign up!

Register on the Amsterdam Meetup Wiki page to let us know you are interested, or even
better: tell us you will come for sure!

Note: registering for the meeting doesn't require attendance, but we
like to have a good indication who might be coming.

And if you have a good idea for a talk, presentation, demo,
discussion, or whatever you feel like, be sure to add it to the Wiki
page as well.

The meetup takes place during the second Hackaton day at the ApacheCon
EU 2008, April 8th. Whereas this Meetup is purely about Apache Wicket,
run by the community, ApacheCon gives you a much bigger overview
covering the entire Apache stack. There's no obligation to attend
ApacheCon, but we're trying to get a good deal for this Meetup
attendees that want to visit ApacheCon too. For more info about
ApacheCon EU 2008, take a look at the conference website.

The Wicket specific session at the ApacheCon you might want to attend is:

Arje Cahn, as member of the ApacheCon EU planners (and
also co-organizer of the Wicket Meetup and serveral Cocoon Meetups in
the past), is actively helping with facilitating additional community
Meetings during the ApacheCon, and so far Portals and JackRabbit
already have opted for this.

We will have a room and essential infrastructure (wireless network,
free drinks) nearby the same building as where the ApacheCon is held,
to organize our mini-conference about anything of interest for the
Apache Wicket Community.

On the Wiki page you'll find already a few topics we think will be
interesting, like:

  • web framework shoot out: jsf vs tapestry vs wicket vs spring mvc
  • JAMon
  • what's next for Wicket
  • etc.

Check our Amsterdam Meetup Wiki page
for the latest information, and you can also subscribe on the Wiki
page to get notified when it is updated.

Anyone willing to discuss this Meetup or specific topics by mail is
invited to do so by responding to this message on the users@...
mailing list. Or you may contact myself directly (see email address

If you or your organization is interesting to helping out with this event
(and get some sponsoring coverage/display too), please contact Arje Cahn,

Thanks for your interest and see ya all in Amsterdam this April.