A lot has happened and still happening in Wicket land this month. Here's a summary:

  • Eelco got married (actually in Februari but who's counting)
  • We spent a great deal of time on an exotic beach in Thailand celebrating that fact
  • Wicket in Action is now in production, meaning that Eelco and I are spending our evenings (and part of the night) applying copy editor improvements, indexing and creating production ready images
  • Apache Wicket 1.3.2 has been released
  • Wicket in Action is the best selling MEAP book for Manning
  • Maurice Marrink has joined the Wicket team
  • A new Wicket Community Meetup is in the works (April 8th, Amsterdam)
  • The next Wicket version will be a quick one: only generics and a migration to Java 5 (at least looking at the vote results so far)

You are invited to the Wicket meetup, and to cast your vote for the (immediate) future of Wicket.