Ted talks are really astounding: in less than 20 minutes each talk knows how to captivate you and change your world view. Each talk I've seen so far was remarkable and a true addition to my life's experiences.

But even this highest category of talks has differences in the way a talk grabs you. The talk by Jill Bolte Taylor about her stroke of insight was funny, informative and touching in a way you can't imagine. In her talk she explains how the two halves of the human brain work. She even grosses out the audience by displaying a real human brain. This is remarkable in itself, but when she starts talking about her stroke, the talk begins to gain a life of its own.

The way Jill visualizes her experience really struck me. I urge you to see it for yourself, it is one of the most touching talks I have seen. Garr Reynolds from Presentation Zen describes the way how this talk affected him while he watched. It had the same effect on me:

"A bit unexpectedly, I was floored. In fact I was moved to tears, as was the packed TED theatre which gave her a huge standing ovation. Take some time today and watch this 18-minute TED presentation. This is such a wonderful talk."

So take your 18 minutes and start watching now: