And it is nice weather outside again. It is past 11pm and still 18 degrees Celsius (65F). With the heating of my MacBook Pro, a good fleece sweater and the wonderful voice of Joss Stone (Live Session EP, iTunes exclusive) it is very comfortable outside.

I'm hoping to finish the review of Wicket in Action's chapter 10 tonight. The chapter covers:

  • Use Ajax components and behaviors to create responsive web UIs
  • Contribute JavaScript and CSS to the <head> section with header contributors
  • Integrate third party JavaScript libraries in your custom components
  • Gotcha?s when using Ajax in your applications

I'll have to take a picture of this setup someday. Though I can't say I enjoy writing, working on a cool night outside certainly is high on my favorite things to do. Now, if I can only come up with a way to include beer in this equation...