Nino Wael is organizing a Wicket User Group event at the Øredev conference in Malmø later this year. Attending the Wicket User Group day will give you an additional discount for the conference according to Nino. But this is provided there's enough interest in the event.

The Wicket User Group would consist of a whole day of presentations and guiding with at least yours truly and of course Nino. I'm going to see to get a presentation on integrating some Google goodness into your Wicket applications. But more on that subject when the Book is finished.

So: are you going to attend Øredev? Or if you are interested in Wicket only, are you going to the WUG@Øredev? Will you be able to give a short presentation on your product, or open source project? You can reply (preferably) on our user list where Nino is searching for interest in this event.